Amazing Show, Amazing Grills

This week Z Grills has had the honor of participating in the National Hardware Show, which is put on by the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA). We have set up an amazing booth, which presented all our grill models, which are available on our website in addition to many online retailers like Amazon and store retailers like Home Depot.

The show happens every year for the last 75 years at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It serves the hardware and home improvement industry and is the hub for the industry with over 20,000 industry professionals, over 120 media outlets, and more than 15 different product categories. The trade convention showcases everything from homewares, international sourcing, and Made in the USA products.

During the first day of the show, everyone on the Z Grills team was impressed with the diversity of products and companies participating. There were around 15 different grill companies, covering everything from wood pellet grills to gas grills to classic charcoal grills.

There was also everything else you could imagine in outdoor hardware. One of the most outstanding exhibits were among lawn furniture vendors, offering everything from high quality plush seating to the old fashion beach folding chairs. There were fire-pit vendors offering modest pits with more premium vendors offering large and ornate fire-pits. One of the most elaborate displays were  lawn umbrella vendors. One vendor offered a large umbrella that hung from its stem like a lamp, another vendor displayed their large umbrellas stacked into a tower rising several feet above the convention center.

Z Grills was proud to participate once again at this event to ensure our brand is recognized and represented amongst the vast swath of manufactures of everything outdoors and recreational!