You loved it; we listened. “This blind box gives me a chance to get a really expensive smoker for an entry level price!” We hear the feedback all the time from the Z Grills users, and it’s the reason why we’re relaunching this Limited Edition Pellet Grill Blind Box. Our blind box pellet grills bring you the versatility, quality, flavor, and convenience—all at the best value!

Just when you think the blind box deal can't get any better, we’ve upgraded our Blind Box to the Blind Box Plus, which gives you a chance to get the newly added super surprise model 1000D3E Pellet Grill ($849 value)! The Limited Edition Blind Box Plus is only available for December 2022, with limited quantities,so don't wait!


No more babysitting the grill. Simply set the temperature and forget it.


Constructed with premium materials and built to last with 3-year warranty.


Unrivaled wood-fired flavor from 100% natural hardwood pellets.


Smoke, bake, roast, braise, sear, grill, char-grill, and barbecue – all-in-one.


No matter which one you receive, it’s an unbeatable value.


No more babysitting the grill. Simply set the temperature and forget it.


Constructed with premium materials and built to last with 3-year warranty.


Unrivaled wood-fired flavor from 100% natural hardwood pellets.


Smoke, bake, roast, braise, sear, grill, char-grill, and barbecue – all-in-one.


No matter which one you receive, it’s an unbeatable value.

420 reviews

Starting at $50/mo with . Prequalify now

4 interest-free payments of $137.25.


Curated with quality and performance in mind, the pellet grill blind box plus contains 1 of 6 premium Z Grills new pellet grills valued between $499 and $849 including our BBQ Legend 1000D3E (1:10 odds). All 6 models are equipped with the best features to deliver delicious smoked meals use after use. There is no hint on which grill you will get, but if you are a BBQ lover, excited to try a pellet grill for the first time, just want to get in on the fun, or looking for an exciting gift for yourself or a loved one, then this Blind Box is it!

What your box could include: 1000D3E, 7002C2E, 6002B2, 6002B3, 550C, 550B2.

  • Box includes 1 pellet grill, 5 foil bucket liners, 1 BBQ sticker pack, and 1 mission card for getting a free rain cover ($49.9 value)

  • Free shipping. Delivery in 3-8 business days

  • Same 3-year warranty as all other Z Grills pellet grills

What's Inside the Box?

A Z Grills NEW Model Pellet Grill

Bonus Gifts Included

5 Foil Bucket Liners

5 foil bucket liners are included in the blind box to minimize grill clean-up for you. Just insert it into your drip bucket and toss when full.

1 BBQ Sticker Pack

These unique, customized BBQ stickers are an exclusive gift for those buying our blind boxes. Perfect for showing your BBQ pride wherever you put them!

Mission Card – 3 Simple Steps for a FREE Grill Cover

Mission Card – 3 Simple Steps for a FREE Rain Cover

Surprise Giveaway Exclusive for Customers Who Buy the Blind Box

Want a free rain cover to protect your investment? We are giving away free rain covers to all our customers who completed the tasks stated on the Mission Card! Find it in the blind box, follow the steps, and you will get a FREE GRILL COVER (all you need to do is cover the cost of shipping)!


The steps include:

1. Follow Z Grills on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter

2. Create a video about your Z Grills blind box and post it

3. Email the screenshot of your post and post link to

That’s it. Your free grill cover is waiting for you to take it home!

Terms and Conditions


* List price is for one pellet grill blind box only.

* No refund, no exchange, no returns of the Blind Box are acceptable for any reason unless there are quality issues.

* If there is a significant manufacturing defect, please call our Customer Service department at 1-833-947-4557 and email us at within 30 DAYS from the date of purchase to initiate a return.

* Not valid with any other promo, offer, or discount.

* The secret model is rarer to get than others. Try your luck!

* If there are any other problems, please contact our customer support team. Our exceptional customer support team is ready to help you every step of the way.

* Have your preferred model? Go to the product page to purchase it directly.



Here are some of the culinary masterpieces shared by our Z Grillers.

Great Housewarming gift!!!


I gave the blind box to my nephew and his wife as a housewarming gift for their new home and they loved it!!! He got the 550B2 smoke engine and it was the perfect size. We put it together and performed the break in, and then that evening we were smoking tri tips, chicken and hot dogs for a big family feed!!! It worked perfect. Great product. I own a Pit Boss but I will be an owner of a Z grill as soon as it wears out.

-Daniel H.

First time pellet grill owner


I live my Zgrill! I tried charcoal and gas grills, but I always burnt up my food. Not will the Zgrill! Set it and forget it! So far I have cooked whole chicken wings and babyback ribs with no problem at all! I would recommend Zgrill to anyone!

-Caesar N.



I’ve owned several types of grills over time and the Z grill is the best grill I’ve ever owned. It’s very easy to use and you can set it and forget it. It is well crafted and heavy duty for sure. I love my Z grill.


Best Value and Great smoker


Easy to use and awesome, got a Bluetooth meat thermometer and it’s a traeger for a 1/3 of the price.

-Stephen J.



I bought my 700d4e back in April and I gotta say I am absolutely in love I have over 250hrs on it and it has been flawless!! Have smoked everything from brisket to baby backs to bacon wrapped pork **** and I couldn't be happier Have recommend to everyone I know!!!




Everything went off without a hitch. The grill worked flawlessly, held temperature consistently. Cedar plank salmon and roasted, seasoned cauliflower. Can't ask for more.


Great quality, great temp consistency


First putting this thing together , you could feel the craftsmanship and heavy duty material that was used for construction. My first smoke was 2 racks of ribs, 6 chicken breast and 2 salmon filets set at 225 and it stayed at a consistent 225 for the wntire 5 hr smoke. GREAT PRODUCT!!! The high setting goes till about 450 degrees which makes this thing a grill as well. Very happy with my purchase look to smoking lots and lots of meats!!!

-Sean F.



I was pleased with packaging and instructions for assembly, it went together very easily. Using a Z Grill recipe for skirt steak the end result was outstanding and cooked perfectly by the Z Grill. I am more than please.


Blind Box grill suprise


Ordering the Z Grill Blind Box was kind of exciting. First, how can you beat the price! The shipping is right to your door for free, and the quality of the grill is amazing. Assembly is quite easy, and the genius that decided to install the nut inserts, well thought out. The grill works super good. Overall, I highly reccommend that all should buy one of these grills!

-Rick O.



Wifi feature works well. This thing is the awesome product for smoking meat! Absolutely phenomenal product, great customer service, keeps heat beautifully, smokes like no glad I ordered it wihout regret. The wifi and work perfectly, no issues and the probes are dead nuts accurate. I love this guy!

-Richard T.

2022 Blind Box


Love the new grill! Got the 700c2e2!! Couldn’t be happier. Great grill and a great deal!

-Mike Stetler.

Absolutely Love It!!!


I absolutely love it!! Always looking forward to the next use!!! Fantastic Grill/Smoker!!

-Michael Zalegowski

Father’s Day gift.


My blind box experience was fantastic!! I received the 6002B3 (the firebeast blue) and I love it! It Took me about and hour to assemble and I was ready to cook the next day wich was fathers day!! We did chicken, steaks,sausages, & bugers.The food was everything! The key to a pellet grill is simple I believe. Low slow,set it and forget it! It does everything it's suppose to do! Definitely worth the money! Can't wait for my next smoke! Thanks Z Grills! Awesome product!

-Dondrecqus Roller

Works for us


This grill was purchased for my daughter and son in law. I’ve been using a zgrill for around 4 or 5 years. Both families love our grill. My son in law has been smoking as long or longer then me, he had another brand and it burnt out. I think he will get longer use out of hos zgrill.

-John Doe

Exciting and Rewarding


I ordered my Z Grill blind box on Friday before Memorial Day. When I opened it up, it was so well packed, there was no damage, and I grabbed my tools and dug in to assemble the best grill I’ve ever owned, and I’m nearly 70 years old. I smoked a tri-tip overnight and people haven’t stopped raving about it for the last two weeks. Wait until they try my brisket! I received the zpg-550c and couldn’t be happier.

-Robert Neel.

Mystery received


I can say that the experience was good. It was as expected. I would guess that more than 50% of us that order get the cheapest unit. It is still a bargain at that price and I had a chance at something outside of what I was willing to pay. The Zgrill is a well built unit.


Loving it so far!


First off, I really enjoyed the Blind Box experience. I opened up the 550c. Couldn't have been happier. Looks awesome. Easy to assemble. Just did my first, initial burn with Bear Mountain pellets and it worked flawless. Can't wait to truly break this in with a pork butt. Highly recommend this to anyone wanting a pellet grill

-Heath Erwin

First Smoker Experience


My pellet grill is my first experience smoking meats of any kind. In the few weeks since I received it I've smoked poultry, pork, and fish. Everything is easy to understand and set up, and delivers great flavor right out of the box. If it can do everything I ask of it this summer, I may get rid of my propane grill and use pellets exclusively. My only tip is to buy the extra wide foil for the drip tray. You can make it work with standard width foil, but being able to use just one sheet is well worth it.

-Steven Musselman.

Blind box


Just ordered the blind box, hope they send me the best they got. 700D owner for 2 1/2 years zero issues now we adding to the Arsenal.

-Bill Scott

How Pellet Grills Work

Wood-Fired Technology


  1. Digital Controller - automatically regulates temperature.
  2. Auger - carries the pellets to the firepot.
  3. Hot Rod - ignites the pellets.
  4. Induction Fan - stokes the fire and maintains temperatures to your desired set point.
  5. Fire Box - creates flavorful wood-burning fire, circulating heat and smoke throughout the cooking chamber.

More Than Just A Grill


Our favorite holiday recipes



Pellet Grill

Precise temp Set & forget 8-in-1 Pure smoky flavor Cooks evenly

Digital temperature controller maintains consistent temperatures.

Set & forget operation eliminates the need to babysit the grill.

Hardwood pellet cooking system infuses excellent wood-fired flavor.

8 cooking styles: sear, smoke, BBQ, roast, char-grill, braise, bake, and grill.

The convection heating process ensures even cooking while eliminating flareups.

Charcoal Grill

Requires tending Messy Flareups Cooks unevenly Hard to control temp

  • Temperature is tricky to control by adjusting the charcoal, the air flow, or both.
  • You must frequently check the temperature and add/remove briquettes as needed.
  • Different areas of the grill will be different temperatures.
  • Take time to light and get up to temperature; can be very messy.
  • Cooking food with direct heat causes uncontrolled flare-ups and you're more likely to burn it.
  • Gas Grill

    Not safe Imparts no flavor Tricky to control Burns food easily Cannot smoke

  • You'll need to be very careful about the fire hazards associated with gas grills.
  • Gas is odorless and tasteless.You'll be missing out on that smoky flavor.
  • There is a learning process in getting a precise temperature.
  • The open flame will burn the surface of the food before the inside cooks.
  • Unable to smoke & not designed for cooking low and slow.
  • Electric Smoker

    Cannot grill Less smoky No smoke ring Drys food

  • You cannot grill on an electric smoker. The temperature won t get hot enough.
  • You're going to miss that rich, smoky flavor that you would get from a pellet grill.
  • It's highly unlikely to get a nice bark and a smoke ringon an electric smoker.
  • A tendency to dry out food (water pan required).
  • How Pellet Grills Work

    1. Wood-Fired Technology
    2. Digital Controller - automatically regulates temperature.
    3. Auger - carries the pellets to the firepot.
    4. Hot Rod - ignites the pellets.
    5. Induction Fan - stokes the fire and maintains temperatures to your desired set point.
    6. Fire Box - creates flavorful wood-burning fire, circulating heat and smoke throughout the cooking chamber.

    More Than Just a Grill


    Temperature Range 180-450 °F (indirect heat)
    Controller Type PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) temperature control board
    Grill Grate Material Porcelain-coated steel
    Rain Cover Not included (Except 7002C2E)
    Warranty 3 years
    Packaging Weight 86 to 131 lbs
    What’s in the Box 1 × Pellet grill
    1 × Mission card
    5 × Foil bucket liners
    1 × BBQ sticker pack
    1 × User manual
    1 × Pair of assembly gloves


    You may be interested in these questions about our pellet grill blind boxes.

    Where can I find the detailed specification of each model?

    The detailed specification of each model is shown below.

    Model/Specs. 550B2 (5502H) 550C (5502G) 6002B2 6002B3 7002C2E
    Total Rack Surface Area 553 sq. in. 553 sq. in. 572 sq. in. 572 sq. in. 697 sq. in.
    Lower Rack Area 406 sq. in. 406 sq. in. 332 sq. in. 332 sq. in. 504 sq. in.
    Upper Rack Area 147 sq. in. 147 sq. in. 240 sq. in. 240 sq. in. 193 sq. in.
    Height of Cooking Surface to Lid 7 in. 7 in. 8 in. 8 in. 9 in.
    Hopper Capacity 10 lbs 10 lbs 8 lbs 8 lbs 24 lbs
    Temperature Range 180-450 °F 180-450 °F 180-450 °F (indirect heat) Direct
    flame grilling reaches up to 750 °F
    180-450 °F (indirect heat) Direct
    flame grilling reaches up to 750 °F
    180-450 °F
    Grill Grate Material Porcelain-coated steel Porcelain-coated steel Porcelain-coated steel Porcelain-coated steel Porcelain-coated steel
    Overall Height 48 in. 51 in. 48 in. 48 in. 51 in.

    When will my order ship?

    Normally your order will be shipped in 1-3 business days.

    Can I sear on the 5502B, 550C, and 7002C2E?

    Yes, you can. Searing occurs in the area of meat that touches the hot grate where the temperature is between 350-500 °F. Our 5502B, 550C, and 7002C2E have a temperature range of 180-450 °F, so it’s easy to achieve a perfect sear with them.

    Does everything put on a Z Grills get that rich smoky flavor?

    Cook all your favorite recipes on the Z Grills, because everything that can be cooked, will taste better cooked with a savory, smoky flavor. Smoke will be visible in cycles at temperatures of less than 250°F, infusing rich smoky flavor to your food. Above this temperature the fire will burn hotter and cleaner with less smoke.

    How long does it take to assemble a Z Grills pellet grill?

    Z Grills pellet grills are easy to assemble with all the tools supplied. All you need is about 30-60 minutes on your hand and open space. 

    What is your warranty?

    Our grills are built to last and backed by our 3-year warranty. If there are any defects in material and workmanship under normal use and maintenance for a period of three(3) years from the date of original purchase, we’ve got you covered. And, if you have any questions about your grill, our customer support team and technical professionals will have your back.

    How does your return policy work?

    There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges on any of our blind boxed grills unless there are quality issues. To initiate a return, please both call us at 1-833-947-4557 and email us at We accept the return of defective products for 30 days from the date of purchase. All merchandise must be returned unused, unassembled, and in the original packaging.

    I ordered the blind box and two bags of pellets. But I only received the pellets and my order is shown delivered. Why is that?

    Your blind box and pellets are shipped from different warehouses and arrive in different boxes on different dates. However, as our website currently only allows us to add only one tracking number for an order, your order will be shown delivered by default when you receive one of the shipments. To check on the status of the other shipment, you can use the tracking number from your order status email.

    Limited Edition Blind Box