Jeff Bergstrom

I purchased my Z Grill in 2018 during their rebate promotion. It was a big decision to pay $699 for a smoker that I knew nothing about. I knew I couldn't afford a Traeger, so this was the more practical option. I didn't know at the time that the shells were made by the same company. Also, a FULL rebate after 5 years? That sounded too good to be true. After much deliberation, I pulled the trigger. My Z Grill worked like a dream! I am part of a few Z Grill Facebook groups that share tips, recipes, modifications, and troubleshooting. I've never had to contact customer service regarding the Z Grill. Close to the 5-year mark, I received an email asking if I wanted a check or a new Z Grill, and in another 5 years, ANOTHER Z Grill. It's no longer too good to be true but a reality! My Z Grill is still running like day one, so I opted for the check. A month or two later, the check arrived in the mail for the full amount. Awesome experience, two thumbs up.