Jeremy Witherspoon

I first started looking at the only wood pellet grills I had heard about, Traeger. Upon seeing the prices, my jaw dropped, and I realized I could only afford a small grill for $700-$900, which I couldn't believe. One day, while researching wood pellet grills, I found Z Grills. I noticed they were a smaller company at the time that was selling full-size family grills for the same price as the small Traegers. Upon comparison, I came to the conclusion that it was just the brand name I was paying for. I decided to get one of their biggest grills at the time, a 700D. Then at checkout, I noticed there was a rebate they were offering: every year I kept my Z Grill, I was able to get $100 back up to the purchase price, or wait the 7 years and pick out a brand new grill.

The grill worked great for the whole 7 years without issues, other than my own error of leaving the hopper door open when it rained, causing the pellets to puff up, and I had to dig them out. Fast forward 7 years, and I received an email to pick out a new grill. I was kind of hesitant that it was real, but as soon as I emailed Z Grills, they told me to pick a grill of a similar price to my last one. It was legit, and they didn’t want a card number or anything, just an address to send the grill. Sure enough, a few days later, a brand new grill arrived at my door, and I love it. Fast forward another 7 years, and I'm able to get another new grill at $0 cost.

Z Grills has always been a great company to me, and any issues I've had have been solved quickly. The rebate was literally unbelievable, especially since in 7 years I can get a third grill for the price of just one. I would recommend Z Grills over Traeger any day. It makes me happy to know how far this company has come, from that small grill company to now seeing their grills everywhere I go. Thank you, Z Grills, your grills and the rebate program are awesome.