Mark Maginnis

I purchased a Z Grill Smoker approximately 6 years ago. Always wanted a pellet grill. Love the flavor, challenge, and how the smoker cooks and blends the flavors. After looking at other brands and pricing, I googled a search regarding pellet grills and came across Z Grills. I ordered the grill and it came quickly to my residence in 2 boxes. Instructions were easy to understand and easy to assemble. It was a great purchase for the value received. It comes with a custom cover, made of durable metals for the hot Texas summer heat, and I never had an issue with this grill and use it regularly.

When I purchased the grill, it listed different rebate amounts vs. amount of years. Meaning, for example, if I owned the grill for 5 years, I would be rebated, for example, $599? I was skeptical that I would ever see a rebate. I never expected to see a rebate, let alone that I had moved 4.5 years ago and didn't know if Z Grills knew I moved.

To my astonishment and surprise, I received a check in the mail about 6 months ago. I was super excited, and with the rebate, the grill was basically free!!! They paid me 5 years later for my grill, and I still have the grill! AWESOME experience and durable product in the hot Texas heat.