Mike Poole

I signed up for the rebate program in 2019 and received my Z Grills pellet smoker. I was a bit skeptical on actually receiving a rebate but I thought the price of the smoker was worth the purchase regardless. I used my pellet grill for the full 5 years and loved its performance. Rain or shine, hot or cold weather, it did a fantastic job. I sent in my rebate form after the full 5 years really not expecting to get all my purchase price returned to me. Surprise, I not only was offered my entire purchase price rebate but also an offer of a new Z Grills pellet grill instead and a chance to receive a new grill every 5 years after. My grill is working great so I chose the rebate check. Sure enough, a few weeks later I received my check in the mail. Thank you Z Grills for the wonderful pellet grill and fulfilling all your promises to me. If I should need to buy another pellet smoker in the future I will look at no other than Z Grills.