No need to wait until Black Friday, we already have solid deals available now to let you save early and get your pellet grills before the hectic holiday shipping season begins.

Get a pellet grill to help you prepare your wood-fired Thanksgiving feast, or make it a holiday present at a fantastic low price with our Thanksgiving Blind Box deals! You will get one of our 4 popular models of pellet grills (worth $599 to $849) for just $499.

Happiness, Health, Success, and Luck (for the secret model) are what these 4 models stand for. No matter which one you get, you’ll surely to love it and be blessed!

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Z GRILLS - 700E ($699 value)

Z GRILLS - 700D ($599 value)

Z GRILLS - 10002E ($759 value)

Z GRILLS - 1000E (SECRET) Odds: 1/100 ($849 value)
Good Luck! :)

All models come with a free rain cover.

STARTER KIT INCLUDES: 2*Wood Pellets, and 1*Meat Thermometer.






* List price is for one pellet grill blind box only.

* No refund, No exchange, No returns of the blind box are acceptable for any reason receiving the model you do not want or you do not like it because it is a BLIND box unless there are quality issues.

* If there is a significant manufacturing defect, please call our Customer Service department at 1-833-947-4557 within 30 DAYS from the date of purchase to initiate a return.

* Our pellet grill blind boxes will be delivered in 3-8 business days in a regular product packaging.

* Not valid with any other promo, offer, or discount.

* All Z Grills pellet grills come with a 3-year warranty.

* Have your preferred model? Go to the product page to purchase it directly.

* If there are any other problems, please contact our customer support team.



What could be a better gift than a pellet grill to help one create a Turkey Day meal that attendees will be raving about well after dinner ends? Anyone receive your gift can ditch the oven-baked, dried out turkey and knock Thanksgiving out of the park by infusing their bird with a wood-fired flavor tailored to their taste buds.


This year give them the gift of wood fired flavor that they will never forget. Let your special one enjoy the best flavor with a pellet grill from Z Grills.


Pellet grills are versatile in use. They are practical and can be used every day of the week, every season, and every holiday, no matter what kind of meal you are cooking for. They’re a must-have in life.


In today’s busy world, most of us don’t have enough time and are too tired to make ourselves a decent meal. But a pellet grill will help your loved one cook with less labor, eat better, and have more time to enjoy life. Isn’t this gift thoughtful?


Grilling brings people closer to make fantastic food and create memories. Giving a gift of a pellet grill means you will have lots of opportunities to cook and enjoy food together. The result is quality bonding time.


A pellet grill is simple to use without any learning curves. It’s starter-friendly. Anyone can become an instant pitmaster with its consistent temperatures and set and forget controls.

Spend Less and Enjoy More

This Thanksgiving with Z Grills


In the spirit of giving thanks, we’ve offered a thanksgiving blind box deal just for you!

No need to compare price, we have done the research for you. Our Pellet Grill Thanksgiving Blind Box is the best deal you can get on a pellet grill. With this deal, you’ll get the best combination of size and build quality in this price range - as we all know the size matters but the quality is above all. Z Grills pellet grills are built to last. Every Z Grills features heavy-duty steel construction, an ultra-sturdy base, and durable powder coat finish, withstanding years of frequent use. And of course the flavor is a key factor to consider. Z Grills just gives your food the best wood-fired flavor you've ever tasted, without the hassle and at half the cost.

This smoked turkey will be what your guests will remember this year. There is no other way to guarantee your smoked turkey is tender, moist, and flavorful. Just grill it on Z Grills.

There is not a more juicy and flavorful turkey than the cider brined smoked turkey breast. It comes out extremely tender and delicious with a tasty edge that will make everyone say wow with every bite!

Smoked mashed potatoes are the ultimate in comfort food. These fluffy potatoes are smoked for a tasty twist on a classic side dish. And most importantly, it’s incredibly easy to make - just 2 steps!

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