Andrew Reutlinger

I first read about Z Grills in 2019 from a Facebook post I came across. The deal seemed too good to be true. I mean, get all your money back in 5 years!? It seemed like a total scam, but I took a chance and purchased my Z Grill. After receiving my grill and putting it together, I wasn't even worried about getting my money back. The quality and sturdiness of the grill were well worth the initial price. I used my grill multiple times a week for 2 years and never had any issues with it. I cooked everything from brisket to wings, burgers to butts, even planked salmon. Then after 2 years of use, Z Grills emailed me with a second incredible offer! Continue in the rebate program and get my money back, or they will send me a grill of my choice from their latest line. This just kept getting crazier and crazier. So of course, I picked the biggest, baddest-looking grill they had available. My new grill was even better than the last and came with a 3-year warranty. How could I go wrong? I eventually sold my first grill to a neighbor and essentially made half my money back while still having a great Z Grill. It's now been 4 years with my new grill and it works just as it did on day 1. I've recommended Z Grills to many friends and family members and they have not been disappointed. Thank you, Z Grills! I may not ever trust a deal so good again, but I'm glad I took a chance on this!