Brent Hart

My name is Brent Hart. I'm from beautiful Traverse City in Northern Michigan.

I bought my Z Grills in 2019 right after purchasing my first house. I had never had the room for a smoker prior but being a "foodie" and really enjoying barbecue, I decided to make the investment.

I researched all types of smokers, from charcoal to gas and pellet. I decided that pellet was the way to go. Also, I decided on a price range. Some of the more "popular" brands seemed over priced to me so I researched some not so familiar smoker companies.

That's when I discovered Z Grills! I thought, same temperature control,pellet capacity and cooking area as the "big name" brands but a couple hundred dollars cheaper!

Now for the rebate part. I decided I had nothing to lose so I took the five year,full purchase price option. My wife said "yeah right" when I told her about the promotion. Actually, I was pretty skeptical also. But I figured, if it didn't happen and I liked the smoker, I still got a great deal on it.

Well, guess what? Five years later,I received a check from Z Grills for the full purchase price! 

They actually gave me the option of sending me a new smoker. Why? I am so thrilled with my smoker! It works beautifully after five years and I didn't need a new one.

Friends and family rave about the food that comes off the Z! From poultry to fish, pork to brisket, amazing results!

My fave, pork butt! Dry rub, temp set at 225 degrees, 11hours. I walk away, go to the beach, mow the lawn or drink beer with friends. It comes out PERFECT every time!

To think, I got this amazing product for FREE! Blows my mind!

I have highly recommended Z Grills to all my friends and anywhere smoking meat has become the topic of conversation. I believe I have been responsible for at least 3 purchases for the company.

My smoker still works wonderfully but if there ever is a time when a new purchase is necessary, Z Grills will always be my go to!

Thanks Z Grills for making an outstanding product and for the great value it provides. WELL DONE!