Kori Bass

We have been a part of the Z Grills rebate program since the purchase of our Z Grills smoker in July of 2018. When we purchased, we decided on the 5-year rebate. The smoker we received was awesome! It is well-made, durable, sleek, easy to use, and does the job perfectly. We have used it regularly for the last 6 years to smoke and grill just about every type of meat and vegetable under the sun. Every time we use the smoker, we have the most delicious outcome. As exciting as it is to have the best smoked meats and vegetables every time we use it, even better was the rebate program that Z Grills offers to its customers.

Throughout the life of the rebate, Z Grills reached out each year to see if we would like to cash in on an earlier rebate and/or apply it toward a new smoker. I could count on this option and knew that if the smoker was in need of replacing, we could have taken up the offer. However, when we reached the 5-year mark with our smoker, it was still working so well that we decided to take the 5-year rebate rather than replace it. As soon as we responded to the email with our request, address, and contact information, we got a check! Honestly, both my partner and I were shocked that through 5 years of having this product, the company still remembered and honored their commitment to us. Z Grills is a great company with a wonderful product and astounding customer service! We have spread the word about Z Grills and will continue to sing their praises to friends and family.